Tupac Brings Katy Perry to Tears

April 16, 2012 By:
Tupac Brings Katy Perry to Tears

Twitter nearly caught fire this morning with tweets from psyched Coachella-goers lucky enough to score tickets to the annual music event. The topic of interest? Tupac rising from the grave.

A hologram image of the hip-hop legend took the stage to perform alongside Snoop Dogg. The sighting was confirmed by several celebrity witnesses, including Ryan Seacrest, XZIBIT, and Gary Payton.

“I think I might have cried when I saw Tupac,” Katy Perry tweeted in the early hours this morning.

Obviously, with Perry’s Santa Barbara roots and songs “I Kissed a Girl” and “Teenage Dream,” the performer has a strong connection to the rapper’s body of work. But no specific mention as to whether those would be tears of joy and nostalgia, or simply panic for being out-staged.

Other celebrities got in on the Twitter action about Tupac’s surprise performance. Busta Rhymes added “#KRAAZZZYYYY” to the clever discussion and Perez Hilton is “still tripping over that.”

The hologram itself was a James Cameron-inspired CGI being that not only looked real and rapped, but called out to the audience with phrases like, “What the f-ck is up Coachella!”

The hologram was so real, in fact, that one could easily mistake it with an actual person. But now that the ecstasy of Coachella weekend has settled into a massive hangover, please be assured that it was just a hologram and the real Tupac still rests in peace… We think.

You can read more about the performance and see the full video at Stereotude.com.