True Blood Cast: Why Our Show is Addicting

August 30, 2010 By:
True Blood Cast: Why Our Show is Addicting

Everyone is borderline obsessed with True Blood. And with good reason! Not only is the acting phenomenal and the bodies on the cast members smokin’, but the storyline has the viewers reeled in from minute one.

Hollyscoop got the privilege to talk to the stars of the show at the Emmys, and they dished on what it’s like behind the scenes of the sexiest show on television.

Rutina Wesley, who plays Tara Thornton on the show, told us that everyone in the cast is actually friends in real life. “We are one big happy family,” she told us. “We all love each other and enjoy coming to work. I think that really reads on screen you can tell that we really get along.”

And perhaps that’s why several of the cast members were present at Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer’s recent wedding, including Wesley. She said of the newlyweds’ “magical” nuptials, “It’s amazing to see two people who truly love each other come together. They cherish each other…it’s amazing.”

Castmember Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette Reynolds) agreed, saying the wedding in Malibu was beautiful. “I feel like their chemistry on the show is supposed to work because they are passionately in love with each other,” he told us.

And speaking of the show, Ellis explained why it works: “It’s so unpredictable, you can never predict what is going to happen on that show. I think that is appealing to some people.”

Show hottie Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse) explained, “One of the beauties of our show is the fact that everyone gets something different out of it. Some people like the blood, some people like the sex, some people like the guys, some people like the girls, the story, whatever it might be.”

For Carrie Preston (Arlene Fowler), she likes the adrenaline of not getting the script until right before they shoot. “I kind of like putting my faith in the hands of these brilliant writers and letting them take me wherever they want,” she dished.

She also said that next year will be all about…not vampires, not werewolves, but….witches! “Witches, witches, all the way,” Preston told us.

Wesley summed it up perfectly, calling her time on True Blood a “blessing.” She said, “It’s been great, it’s a complete blessing as an actor. You get to play a role like this that has such an incredible journey. I never would have thought…I would get a role like this.”

If you’re not watching True Blood yet, we don’t know what you’re waiting for. Check out our exclusive coverage with the cast members below!