Tropic Thunder Invades Entertainment Weekly

August 8, 2008 By:
Tropic Thunder Invades Entertainment Weekly

The boys of Tropic Thunder are on the August cover of Entertainment Weekly talking about their upcoming flick, getting drunk on set, and some embarrassing stories. Here are some highlights from the interview...

On if they have ever came on set drunk:
Jack Black - No. I had an improv class in high school and I came stoned one time. And I was so paranoid that I never tried to f— with it again. I marvel at some people’s ability to party and then act. I’m not built that way. [Pauses] But what blows me away is how quickly someone who’s new to the industry can go from being, like [breathlessly], ”Whoa, what? I have my own trailer?! Oh my God, you guys, this is insane!” to [smugly] ”But I deserve it. And actually now I expect it.”

On stories about other actors acting like jerks:
Ben Stiller - I was directing an actress once who was taking a nap on the set and I had to gingerly wake her up. [Whispering] ”We have to film now.” ”But I’m so tired.” ”I know, but everyone’s here and we’re ready to do the scene.”

On their lack of inhibition and being in embarrassing situations on screen:
Robert Downey Jr. - I have been so wantonly, flagrantly humiliated [in my personal life] that anything that could happen as a result of a movie doesn’t even register.