Cops Remove Travis from Shanna Moakler's House

August 25, 2009 By:
Cops Remove Travis from Shanna Moakler's House

Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler are at it again. They’ve been involved in a custody battle for months, and things heated up last night at Shanna’s family home in Rhode Island.

Travis, who has joint custody, arrived at the family home with the two children to return them to their mother, and reportedly stared screaming at her.

Life & Style reports, "He started screaming and wouldn't leave the kids with her."

The fight continued to escalate, and the police were eventually called. They eventually had to remove Travis from the property.

The insider says, "Travis wouldn't leave because he wanted Shanna to let his nanny stay with her and the kids, but she refused. Travis refused to go, Shanna called the police. They gave Travis a choice: Leave or get arrested. So he left. But he wasn't happy. He's already twittered about Shanna."

That Twitter leaves little to the imagination: "My babies [sic] mama is a pile of sh*t."

Travis obviously doesn’t trust Shanna with the kids for some reason, but we’re not sure why! We’ve never heard of anything going wrong while the kids are in her care. She and Travis obviously need to come up with a solution so their kids don’t always see them with their claws out!