Transformers 3 Set Shut Down

September 2, 2010 By:
Transformers 3 Set Shut Down

The Transformers 3 set had to be shut down last night after an extra was seriously injured. According to local news reports in Indiana, a 24-year-old woman was hospitalized with serious injuries to her head after a stunt went terribly wrong.

They were filming a stunt involving multiple vehicles and drivers when the accident happened about 7PM, according to a press release. During the stunt, an object struck a 2006 Toyota and went through the windshield and hit the driver, who was not a part of the stunt team.

After being struck, the Toyota hit the inner median concrete barrier and continued for almost a mile before coming to a stop, according to the release. The vehicle had extensive damage to the driver’s side.

Another extra on set told the local ABC affiliate, "The vehicle was being towed by another vehicle. The cable between the two vehicles broke. It whipped around and sliced through the woman's car and sliced through her skull, apparently."

How terrifying! State Police said filming was stopped for the day after the accident. A production spokesperson was not immediately available for comment Wednesday night.

We smell a huge lawsuit. Our thoughts are with that poor woman—we hope she’s ok.