Tracy Morgan Gives Up Strip Clubs to Save Cash

October 31, 2008 By:
Tracy Morgan Gives Up Strip Clubs to Save Cash

We've all been feeling the financial pinch lately, and some Hollywood stars are no exception.

With the price of anything and everything going through the roof, everyone has had to make some cutbacks. How does comedian Tracy Morgan plan to weather the financial storm?

In an interview for November's Complex Magazine, Tracy explains how he intends to stretch every last dollar, even if it means giving up a few of his favorite things in the process.

When the topic of strip clubs came up, he said, "I don't do that **** no more. I'll tell my [next] wife to get on the bed and put big [underwear] on and throw $400 at her - then take the money back and go food shopping."

Hey, if things don't work out in the comedy world, Tracy can always fall back on his financial planning skills.