T.R. Knight Donates $50,000 To No On 8

October 9, 2008 By:
T.R. Knight Donates $50,000 To No On 8

T.R. Knight is latest celebrity to show his opposition to Prop 8, a proposed constitutional amendment that would outlaw same-sex marriage. He joins other celebs like Pete Wentz, Brad Pitt, and Chelsea Handler who have also donated to the cause.

Knight's donation comes after Jonathan Lewis, an Ohio entrepreneur, challenged the entertainment industry to raise $500,000 for No on Proposition 8 stating that he and his family will match the contributions.

The donation comes one day after Equality California called for an emergency LGBT media briefing and reported Yes on 8 is ahead in the polls.

So remember to vote NO on Prop 8 if you support same sex marriage.