In Touch Weekly: Week of 5-10-2006

May 11, 2006 By:
In Touch Weekly: Week of 5-10-2006

Richie Sambora dumps Denise Richards after he has a secret meeting with his ex wife heather Locklear. Denise is devastated by getting dumped by Sambora and feels her world has come crashing down.

Britney Spears dream comes true, she's having a baby girl!

Lindsay Lohans hook up with Stavros Niarchos at her $2,700 bungalow at the Chateau Whoremont pissed of Paris Hilton. Paris is now back with Stavros and thinks Lindsay used Paris for publicity. Paris said: "Stavros never touched her. Lindsay doesn’t care who she hurts to get press".

Jessica Simpson thinks Lindsay Lohan is pathetic for trying to get with Nick and feels sad for her.

Everyone’s picking on Lindsay when the poor girl is just having fun!