Tori Spelling to Tabloid: Weigh Me!

October 12, 2009 By:
Tori Spelling to Tabloid: Weigh Me!

Tori Spelling is sick and tired of reading about her weight--or lack thereof--in the tabloids and has agreed to be weighed to prove a point.

Tori has been getting a lot of heat for how thin she is, with some tabloids claiming she only weighs 95 lbs. But according to Tori, she's at least 107 lbs--and she's ready to show proof.

Tori has invited Star magazine to her home to weigh her and hopefully put the rumors to rest once and for all.

“Star Mag…LIES! ”Tori wrote on her Twitter account last week in response to the tabloid’s claim that she’s 95 lbs. and close to death. “Literally not 1 factual thing in entire article. And, come 2 my house & weigh me Star! I’m 107lbs. if you care about FACTS?!?”

After Tori was rushed to the hospital two weeks ago for a stomach virus and Star ran with a story about how she was hospitalized because she wasn't eating--which clearly annoyed Tori.

So now Tori is challenging Star magazine. She wants them to come over to her house and weigh her. Do you think she's really 107 lbs? Her boobies are probably 7 lbs each, which leaves the rest of her at 93. Maybe they're both right!