Tori Spelling Slams Anorexic Accusations

April 2, 2009 By:
Tori Spelling Slams Anorexic Accusations

Tori Spelling has spoken out about recent claims that she’s become anorexic.

She was photographed recently out and about in LA looking extremely thin, prompting people to think she’s got a problem.
But Tori has fired back, blasting the claims that she’s battling her weight, even though she’s gotten down to around 98 pounds.

Sources tell Star magazine her recent weight loss is attributed to her strained relationship with her mother Candy.

The source says, "It's not good. Tori's so stressed over her mom's new book, she has no appetite but is still exercising every day. Her friends are all worried that she may be anorexic. She's now down to a size zero."

Tori insists she’s totally healthy though. Her rep tells Access Hollywood, "She does not weigh 98 pounds."

Tori added, "You have a sense of humor about it because, you know, it doesn't stop. One week everything is good, next week everything is bad."

Laugh all you want, but she does look scary thin! She needs to put a little meat on her bones!