Tori Spelling: Our New Show is Intense!

April 11, 2011 By:
Tori Spelling: Our New Show is Intense!

Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott already charted intimidating territory when they planned their own celebrity wedding, and apparently, they had a knack for it. Because the two have premiered a new reality series, sTORIbook Weddings, where they design memorable weddings for other couples.

Spelling told Hollyscoop: “It’s great. It’s intense, a lot of fabulous weddings. We put our blood, sweat and tool into those weddings.”

McDermott added, “They were fantastic.”

Hollyscoop talked to the happy couple at the GLAAD Awards, where both discussed the important and topical issue of gay marriage. Tori shared her view with us, saying:

“My best friends desperately want to get married they just adopted a baby girl. There is no reason in the world why her parents shouldn’t be married. It breaks our heart; we’re all fighting against it. It’s all about love and being able to do and be with who you want, it’s going to happen one day, its going to be everywhere.”

Right on, Tori! Spelling became a minister in 2007 in order to marry a gay couple in Chateau La Rue. In the meantime, she’s been enjoying the love in her own marriage, which resulted in two beautiful children.

“It gets more and more amazing everyday; the things they do and say. They challenge us now,” Tori explained. “It’s great to see life all over again through their eyes.”

Check out how Tori and Dean's sTORIbook Weddings turn out on the Oxygen Network.