Tori Spelling on How to Make a Hollywood Marriage Last

July 18, 2011 By:
Tori Spelling on How to Make a Hollywood Marriage Last

Tori Spelling already has two kids, a goat, a piglet and some chickens, but that doesn’t mean she and hubby Dean McDermott aren’t done having babies. With their third child due in October, Spelling tells Hollyscoop, “we don’t know if it’s a boy or girl, but we have a couple of names picked out for each.”

Although Spelling and McDermott seem to have a perfect marriage, Spelling weighs in on the difficulty of a marriage in the public eye. On hearing of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s split she told HS at the “Hoarders: Untold sTORI” event in Los Angeles, “I was really shocked. I was sad. I had a moment where I said ‘Gosh, can no one in Hollywood make it or is marriage just too hard?’”

Spelling wonders, “Dean and I were talking about that today. We are like ‘Gosh, we feel blessed.’ We have a strong happy marriage and it makes me sad especially when there’s children involved.”

Spelling tells Hollyscoop why she thinks she and McDermott have made their marriage last, “We just do what we know. Our family is number one. I think that as long as you put your family number one, then you can’t lose, you can’t go wrong. Everything else just falls into place.”

Speaking of family, Spellings mother Candy Spelling just famously sold her “Spelling Manor” mansion to 22 year-old British Heiress Petra Ecclestone for $85 million. Though Tori isn’t sad to leave her childhood home, “I went there with the family and we said goodbye to the house, but for me it’s a happy time because I’m happy for her because she’s moving on. I’m really happy she was able to sell it.”