Tori Spelling: My Migraine Turned Into a Pregnancy

April 4, 2012 By:
Tori Spelling: My Migraine Turned Into a Pregnancy

My uterus aches for Tori Spelling.

Spelling had just given birth to her daughter, Hattie, when she and her husband, Dean McDermott discovered she was pregnant with a fourth baby.

"We found out the news together," Tori explained. "I had chronic migraines and I was in the emergency room getting treated for one of my migraines and when I got there they said, 'Before we can treat you, you have to do the pee in a cup.'"

Though let's hope they used some fancy doctor way of saying 'pee in a cup.'

"And I said, 'Oh don't worry, I'm not pregnant.'"

Tori should totally change her Twitter bio to read that.

"'I just had a baby a month ago.' And they [said], 'Sorry it's policy at the hospital.' So I did it, and they came back and said, 'You're pregnant!' And I said, 'That can't be!'"

But it did be. And Tori is now pregnant with her fourth child. She's already mom to Liam, 5, Stella, 3 and of course, five-month old Hattie. Before a blood test confirmed the news, Tori decided it must be fate. Spelling told Access Hollywood:

“Dean and I kind of sat there in shock for a while and then we said, ‘Well, we wanted four … This is when our miracle wanted to come so we’ll take it’.”

Meanwhile, the reality star appeared on the Today show, where guest host Sarah Paling gave Tori her endorsement:

"You're a real good example, a good inspiration for others, Tori," said Palin. "Accomplishing so much and having fun—you're living life vibrantly."