Tori Spelling Convinced Husband Will Leave Her

February 13, 2009 By:
Tori Spelling Convinced Husband Will Leave Her

The old saying goes, "If he cheats with you, he'll cheat on you." After Tori
Tori Spelling' husband Dean McDermott left his wife and kids to be with Tori, she's scared she's going to suffer the same fate.

The couple met while filming TV movie 'Mind Over Murder' back in 2006 and wed that same year.

They now have two children together, but Tori is still scared that her husband will leave her for another co-star.

“Of course [I’m scared of that]!” she confessed at the Pull-Ups Potty Dance Party in NYC. “He told Jenny [Garth], ‘Tori thinks I’m going to meet someone and run away with her, but I’m not.’ It’s just a girl thing, you just [let your mind] go there.”

Tori and Dean seem pretty happy together and he gushes about her and their kids any chance he gets, so we're hoping Tori's worth fears don't become a reality.