Never, Never Accept a Gift From Tori Spelling

April 12, 2011 By:
Never, Never Accept a Gift From Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling is very romantic. For Valentine’s Day, she literally gave her husband piss.

“I found out [about my pregnancy] on Valentine’s Day. I wrapped up the pregnancy test in a box and bow and gave it to Dean as his Valentine’s Day gift.”

The poor guy is going to be afraid of opening boxes for the rest of his life (pun intended).

This is Spelling’s third pregnancy, and she says she’s been feeling “much sicker this pregnancy” than she was during the past two.

“I have been nauseous for the past three months straight,” Spelling said.

But if her first two tykes are any indication, all that vomitting will be worth it.

When Hollyscoop asked Tori what she thinks the best thing about being a mother is, she told us,

“How long do you have? I mean there’s not a bad thing except the poop, I guess. It gets more and more amazing everyday; the things they do and say.”

Spelling kept the pregnancy quiet for quite some time, even with her kids, until she couldn’t hide it any longer:

“Liam kept saying, ‘Your belly is getting huge. That means there’s a baby in there,” Spelling said.