Dean McDermott – We’re Open To Having Five Kids!

August 28, 2012 By:
Dean McDermott – We’re Open To Having Five Kids!

Tori Spelling and hubby Dean McDermott are expecting baby number four and have a house filled with farm animals (No seriously, they really do) but Dean says they wouldn’t say "no" to more kids!

“We’ve lost our minds having two [kids], so having three, four, five it just doesn’t matter. We talked about it and there’s no final decision,” Dean tells Hollyscoop at The Residences at W Hollywood to promote his new site The Gourmet Dad, “We’re open. It’s not like ‘Yes, we have to have another one.’ Enjoy the ones we have now but the shop is not completely closed.”

Also, my favorite thing about Tori Spelling is how real she is with her pregnancy. While other celebrity women claim to eat super organic and deny ever having pregnancy cravings, Dean tells us, “you know, her cravings are usually Taco Bell.”


Don’t ask if baby number four or five is a boy or a girl, because even Tori and Dean don’t want to know.

“We didn’t find out with Hattie so it was the best surprise in the world and we’re not going to find out with this one,” says Dean.

“We thought Hattie was going to be a boy for sure so we [painted the nursery] with boy colors that could kind of be girl colors, but the day after, Tori was like ‘change the colors.’”

Even with a fourth kid on the way and a nursery room they have no idea what color to paint, Dean says the couple are “very excited” for the upcoming bundle of joy.

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