Top 10 Twitter Obsessed Celebrities

May 14, 2010 By:
Top 10 Twitter Obsessed Celebrities

Just in case you didn't stalk celebrities in the weeklies or on the blogs enough, Twitter is here to keep you updated on their every move.

Stars love tweeting about everything from mundane details of their day, to huge announcements like a break-up!

Hollyscoop compiled a list of the top ten celeb tweeters, and here’s the scoop on why we love to follow them.

10. Lindsay Lohan

Twitter name: Lindsaylohan


We follow her because it’s like a train wreck you just cant stop looking at.
She constantly uses Twitter to direct her anger towards Samantha Ronson and her father Michael Lohan, and her “sober” act is getting a little old.

9. Spencer Pratt

Twitter name: spencerpratt


Spencer’s twitter followers may be his only friends. He’s alienating himself from everyone he knows, including his family. Pratt constantly starts twitter war with his old castmates, and is probably desperate for them to respond so he stays relevant.

8. Paris Hilton

Twitter name: Paris Hilton


Paris may seem a little self-righteous with her tweeting sometimes, because she’s always doing something ridiculous, like sunbathing on a yacht, partying in Vegas, or dropping thousands on a Beverly Hills shopping spree. But she manages to keep us interested!

7. P. Diddy

Twitter name: iamdiddy


Diddy is like Kim K. in the sense that he announcing everything he’s doing with his career. He’s also into writing inspirational passages for his fans.

6. Ryan Seacrest

Twitter name: RyanSeacrest


Ryan is like our little window into the world of celebs…he’s friends with all of them! Ryan tweets huge breaking news stories in the gossip world, as well as American Idol updates, and uploads funny pics about where he is day-to-day.

5. John Mayer

Twitter name: johncmayer


John Mayer has threatened to quit Twitter many times, but his latest threat may have been real. While his account is still active, it’s been almost a month since we’ve gotten an update! The old John spoke his mind (sometimes a little too much) about any topic under the sun, including his sex life with both Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston. Maybe he was put in time out?

4. Kim Kardashian

Twitter name: KimKardashian


We just can’t stop keeping up with this Kardashian, who’s literally in a different city almost every day. She and her sisters are working on tons of projects, and Kim loves to share the details with her millions of fans. People love to follow her because she’s one of the few celebs who tweets back to fans!

3. Barack Obama

Twitter name: BarackObama


Yes our President has a Twitter account and if you even try to mess with it, well…you will get arrested. That’s what happened when a 25-year-old who allegedly hacked Twitter accounts of numerous well-known figures, including Britney Spears and President Barack Obama. Why we follow him? He updates at least once a day on what he’s doing at the capitol, as well social commentary, like his sadness over Lena Horne’s death last week.

2. Britney Spears

Twitter name: britneyspears


She may not be the one doing the actual typing, but Brit has a ton of followers! She’s a no-brainer for us to follow, just in case she has another meltdown! But Spears has been on the DL for awhile now, and we’re just waiting for the day she tweets about her next album and tour!

1. Ashton Kutcher

Twitter name: aplusk


Were still trying to figure out if Ashton Kutcher has a stake in Twitter since he literally put this social networking website on map. He and wife Demi Moore tweet all the time, and aren’t afraid to display intimate moments with their followers. Ashton says that he uses Twitter to connect, to strike up conversations, to send positive messages to the millions of people who read his words. Whatever tickles your pickle!