Top 10 Sexiest TV Casts

August 18, 2010 By:
Top 10 Sexiest TV Casts

With the Emmys coming up next week, we’re paying tribute to the current shows on television.

But instead of picking the best shows, we’re counting down the hottest casts!

Every week, we viewers drool over these hot TV ensembles, and they deserve to be recognized, whether they deserve an Emmy or not!

Here is Hollyscoop’s list of the Top Ten Sexiest TV Casts.

10. CSI: Miami: Emily Proctor and Eric Rodriguez are the prom king and queen of this popular series on CBS. And for all you ginger fans in the world, David Caruso never disappoints …who doesn’t love a guy in sunglasses….even if solving a murder isn’t your bag, seeing sexy people in uniform is always in style.

9. House: The cast can pretty much thank Olivia Wilde for getting them on this list. Sure, Lisa Edelstein and Omar Epps aren’t so bad themselves, but Dr. Remy may be the hottest TV doctor of all time. Well, except for George Clooney on ER, that is.

8. Pretty Little Liars: This show has been a trending topic on Twitter for weeks, and one look at the cast will tell you why. The four sexy female leads play schoolgirls who are forced to face their secrets after a close friend disappears. Drama, sex and minimal clothing.

7. Glee: This Fox hit made nerdy chic hot again. Leave it to the svelte Lea Michele to bring back plaid skirts and knee socks. And Mark Salling won us over with his sexy body, cute fauxhawk and killer vocals. We’d definitely join the Glee club to get a duet with him!

6. Modern Family: Ed O’Neill is just as sexy as he was when he played Al Bundy over a decade ago. Hey, it won over Gloria, played by the uber-sexy Colombian actress Sofia Vergara. Her leopard skintight dresses and sultry accent have no doubt helped with ratings. Oh yeah, the rest of the cast is pretty cute too.

5. Vampire Diaries: Vampires are always sexy, and the CW has a proven track record of scooping up the hottest young actors in town to fill their casts. Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev are two of the most exotic people we’ve ever seen on TV, and we love the fight between the brothers over one girl. Makes us realize…vampires are just like us!

4. 90210: The second coming of the kids from the famous zip code is sexier than the original. The cast is packed with hotties, but our favorites have to be AnnaLynne McCord and Michael Steger. The great thing about this show is it’s so incestuous, so you can almost bet on your favorite characters hooking up at some point or another.

3. Gossip Girl: Not only is the show scandalous, but it’s super sexy. Leighton Meester and Blake Lively bring new meaning to preppy Upper East Side chic. Their hookups and breakups with their gorgeous male leads like Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick have made us avid viewers for life…or at least until they finish college.

2. Mad Men: One word: Jon Hamm. Don Draper is such a bad bad boy, but we still keep coming back for more. It’s hard to believe Betty, played by the picture-perfect January Jones, was able to break free of him. Christina Hendricks (Joan) is a vision every single episode in her curve hugging frocks, and John Slattery has aged into the perfect salt-and-pepper specimen. Scotch anyone?

1. True Blood: It’s no surprise the cast of this HBO hit series wins our top vote. The show oozes sex. Each cast member is sexier than the next, from Anna Paquin, to Stephen Moyer, to Alexander Skarsgard. The show has become a fantasy for anyone obsessed with the underworld of vampires, werewolves and hot sex!