Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Be a Reality Star

July 28, 2010 By:
Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Be a Reality Star

Reality show stars have become more popular than actual movie stars. When was the last time you cared (or read about) what Oscar winning star Julia Roberts did?

You were most likely too busy gawking over photos of Tila Tequila grocery shopping in lingerie or stalking Spencer Pratt's war torn Twitter page.

Reality TV stars are the new A-listers and we’ve compiled the top 10 reasons why you should consider selling your soul for a spot on a reality TV show.

10. Five Minutes of Fame is Better than Zero Minutes:

Being on a reality show is like winning the lottery. It’s the easiest way to become famous and live the good life. How else could a Guido named “The Situation” be able to rub elbows with Leonardo Dicaprio? Just one year ago Mike “The Situation” from Jersey Shore was an assistant manager at a fitness center in Staten Island, now he’s racking in the dollars and is one of the most talked about stars on MTV. Would you know who Adam Lambert or Susan Boyle are if it weren’t for reality TV? Thanks to Simon Cowell and his moneymaking shows, they’re both household names.

9. If Everyone Hates You in Real Life, You’re Most Likely Great for TV:

Kate Gosselin was one of the most despised women on TV--until she landed her two left feet on Dancing with the Stars. With a few tears and a couple of breakdowns, she eventually got the sympathy card from viewers. That, and there was the whole her husband is a d-bag thing. Bravo's Queen Bethenny Frankel was hated by her co-stars on the Real Housewives of NYC…and the viewers. Give her a spin off show, a wedding special and a pregnancy and now the whole world wants to have Martinis with her at the Soho House. Note to all aspiring reality show stars: the more tears and breakdowns you have on television, the bigger your audience—just ask Teresa from Real Housewives of New Jersey. Who knew table tossing would be so hot?

8. If You’re a Waste of Space, it Doesn’t Hurt to be Related to a Reality TV Star:

Stephanie Pratt should consider making a Spencer Pratt shrine and pray to it every morning before she leaves the house. Holly Montag should thank her lucky stars her sister is such a train wreck. Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian wouldn’t exist in the world of celebrities if their sister Kim K didn't “take one for the team.” So if all else fails, ride your famous siblings coattails.

7. Public Breakups Never Get Old:

If you’re planning to break up with your partner, you better have the weekly tabloids on speed dial. Jessica Simpson became an overnight success after she broke up with Nick Lachey. Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi were able to extend their 5 minutes to 15 by having a nasty public breakup…and talking about it to every media outlet. Vienna is currently getting paid to host break-up parties while Jake is finally pursuing his long awaited acting career. Ya, good luck with that one.

6. Reality TV Stars Have a Busy Dating Life:

When International superstar Cristiano Ronaldo needed a little bit more exposure here in the United States, his agents set him up with publicity queens Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. Need we say more?

5. You Get to Attend Low-rent Parties and Score Free Junk:

You may not score an invite to the annual Vanity Fair Oscar party and rub elbows with Penelope Cruz and George Clooney, but you will be invited to some Z List red carpet affairs. At such events you’ll get to hang with the professional dancers from Dancing With the Stars, Jersey Shore and The Hills. You won’t be nominated (or invited) to the actual Emmy’s but you will be invited to the Emmy swag house and get free Ed Hardy gear. If you’re a reality show A-Lister, you may even get paid to throw your own award show party. We hear Paris Hilton demands $150,000 to host a party at certain Las Vegas nightclubs.

4. When you Tweet, there's a Chance Someone Other than Your Co-Worker Will Care:

Kim Kardashian has over 4.2 million followers on Twitter, that’s only 400k less than what the President of the United States has. We’re pretty sure her approval ratings are a lot higher than the President’s as well.

3. You Will Always Have a Job on TV:

Once you’re in the reality show circuit, it’s easy to show hop. Girls Next Door stars Kendra Wilkinson, Holly Madison and Bridget Marquidt all got spin off shows after they decided they were too cool to sleep with Hef. If your show bombs, there’s always another reality show you can make a cameo on, like Where are They Now reunion specials and of course Celebrity Rehab.

2. Endorsements:

When you’re a reality show star, you can be the face of almost anything. Want your face on a tampon box? Done! Want to sell face cream and pretend you’ve never gone under the knife? No problem! The Kardashian sisters are the queens of endorsements. Between tampons, weight loss products, gym clothes, clothing, shoes, accessories and perfumes, Mama Kardashian has these girls working around the clock! But they look great doing it, so we all continue to buy their products.

1. You Get Paid to Exist:

Most of the things these reality show stars do on camera aren’t very different than what most of us do when we’re hanging out with friends. We all party, we all gossip, we give each other peep talks followed by long pauses and blank stares. The only difference is, we don’t get paid to exist.
Some reality TV stars have made bank off of being on TV. Mike "The Situation" went from making $3,000 per episode on the first season of Jersey Shore to $27K-45K per episode for season 3. Lauren Conrad was reportedly making well over $100,000 in the final seasons of The Hills. Not too shabby for just existing.