Top 10 Craziest Hollywood Moms

May 7, 2010 By:
Top 10 Craziest Hollywood Moms

With Mother’s Day this weekend, we could be nice and count down the top 10 hottest Hollywood moms, but A. We did that last week, and B. This list is way more fun!!!

Here’s Hollyscoop’s list of the top 10 craziest moms in Hollywood.

10. Lesley Vogel. Wondering who this woman is? She’s Hayden Panettiere’s way over-Botoxed mother. She’s also her manager (aka momager). And whiel Lesley has obviously succeeded in keeping her daughter’s career afloat, she’s not kidding anyone with those teenage outfits. Women over forty should NOT wear short skirts and kneehigh boots.

9. Britney Spears: Brit may be on the straight and narrow now, but there was a time not too long ago when she was placed on a 5150 and risked losing custody of her children! Thankfully, her dad came into the picture to be her conservator, and now our pop princess has finally grown up and become a respectable mother.

8. Tish Cyrus: Miley Cyrus' mom looks like she’s a tween sensation herself with that ridiculous blonde hair and tanned skin. Not to mention that God awful angel tattoo she displayed at none other than the Oscars! Any woman who lets her 16-year old pole dance and own her own house is not kosher in our book.

7. Candy Spelling: You’d think that people would get to a certain age where they would stop talking shit about their kids in public. But not Candy. She was part of a very public fight with her daughter Tori Spelling that ended only recently. When you’re a grandma, it’s time to put crap behind you for the sake of your grandkids.

6. Katie Price aka Jordan: This tranny-like Brit is always photographed with her kids, but we can’t imagine her ever doing anything motherly, like say, reading a book or putting her kids to sleep at night. Katie parties harder than Lindsay Lohan sometimes, and obviously wasn’t thinking about her kids when she divorced Peter Andre and then married Alex Reid in a quicky Vegas ceremony.

5. Joan Rivers: She’s managed to maintain a career and make her daughter Melissa a celeb too. But the word “role model” doesn’t exactly come to mind. Joan has taught her equally as nipped daughter that plastic surgery isn’t only ok, but that it’s necessary. If that wouldn’t give any girl a complex, we don’t know what would!

4. Sarah Palin: Sure, she’s a good mom, but she’s also a bit kooky. Sarah is adamant about abstinence and teaching it in schools, yet her own daughter Bristol had a baby last year out of wedlock, and it ended pretty messy.

3. Courtney Love: Ever since Kurt Cobain’s death, she’s gone off the deep end. She claims to be clean and sober, but even her 17-year-old daughter Frances Beacn doesn’t want to live under her roof. She opted to go live with her grandmother instead! If our mom went off on incoherent blog rants every other day, we’d go live with grandma too.

2. Nadya Suleman: The sad part is that her kids are too young to even realize how crazy their mommy is! Nadya recently admitted to Oprah that her only income is via paid TV appearances, yet blasted Kate Gosselin for exploiting her kids on TLC. Yeah, we’d love to see her work a regular 9 to 5 job.

1. Dina Lohan: She’s a total enabler for her easily influenced daughter Lindsay, who is on yet another dangerous downward spiral of hard partying. She’s in LA this week so she could take Lindsay to a mandatory court deposition. But the two were spotted drinking until 2AM the night before. Problem?? What problem??