Top 10 Celebrity-Inspired Halloween Costumes

October 21, 2010 By:
Top 10 Celebrity-Inspired Halloween Costumes

It’s that time of year again! Halloween is next week (already!), and if you still don’t know what you’re going as…well shame on you! JK, we have ten fierce costume ideas for you—all inspired by your favorite celebrities.

That’s right, people! Halloween is no longer just about dressing up as the slutty version of everyday occupations—celebs have stepped up their style game, and Halloween is the perfect day to pay tribute to their wacky wardrobes.

Here’s Hollyscoop’s top ten picks for the best celeb-inspired costumes for 2010.

10. Lil Wayne

What better way to celebrate Lil Wayne’s imminent release from prison than with a costume? He’s still topping the charts from behind bars, and has his leagues of fans to thank for that.
Get The Look: Lil Wayne in Prison: Dreadlocks wig, face and body tats, and a prison uniform. If you don’t want to go the jail route, replace said prison garb with wife beater, slouchy jeans, and some gold chains.

9. Avatar

Neyteri was totally hot in an Avatar way in the movie, and we think this is the perfect update to you girls who go as catwoman every year—you know who you are!
Get the look: Kmart has the whole get-up—including tail—for just $59.99!

8. Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is set to release November 19, which is creating a frenzy for all Potter fans.
Get the look: here! Hermione never looked so good…

7. Willow Smith

Willow Smith’s hair is a major topic of converastion ever since she debuted her “Whip my Hair” music video. This is a costume you could probably do by hitting up two stores: Forever 21 and American Apparel.
Get The Look: Dreads, white painters’ uniform and stick-on diamonds that can be applied anywhere on the face. You’ll also need a wig that you can cut to make look like Willow’s. Make sure to whip your hair when you walk around town. Watch the video
here for inspiration.

6. Lindsay Lohan

This is for you last minute costume shoppers. Grab a stringy blonde wig, color in some freckles, and put on your most form-fitting orange jumpsuit. Voila!
Get the look: If you’re not into the baggy jailbird look, click
here for some saucier options.

5. Nicki Minaj

Nikki Minaj is one of the hottest artists these days. Her wacky fashion sense is one reason why fans want to dress up like her for Halloween.
Get the look: Pink wig with bangs, pink lipstick, turquoise eye shadow and anything skin tight and latex-looking, like this!

4. Tiger Woodsand mistress(es)

Hard to believe the Tiger Woods scandal was this year! Ok, it began shortly after Halloween last year, but this is the first time trick-or-treaters will be able to emulate the famous golfer.
Get the look: First step: find a ho or two or thirteen (the more the merrier). As long as the guy has on golf get up, the girls can wear anything. Our faves are from
Leg Avenue.

3. Glee Girls

Thanks to Glee, being a dork is cool again.

Get the look: Go classic and find yourself a
schoolgirl outfit from Leg Avenue, OR get a little crazier by copying the Glee Gone Wild GQ magazine photo shoot. We’d say the latter will get you a few more free drinks…

2. Snooki

It’s no shock that Snooki’s famous “pouf” hairdo is one of the most sought-after wigs for Halloween.
Get the look: Thankfully, Buy Costumes has the entire look-- luscious black wig featuring the signature New Jersey style bump on the top, luscious and luminous leaopord print mini-dress, a pair of thick black eyelashes and chestnut brown foundation—for only $39.99!

If you need a juicehead gorilla on your arm, have your man go as
Pauly D or
The Situation.

1. Lady Gaga: Meat Dress Edition

Before you go saying “Dressing up like Lady Gaga is soooo last year,” think again. We double dog dare you to wear a meat dress on October 31. We’re serious…according to polls, it’s the #1 Halloween costume idea for ’10!
Get the look: You could go two ways here—the easy route or the legit route. If you’re not into raw meat touching your bare skin, check out this SNL-esque

But if you’re as crazy as Gaga, head to your local grocer, and buy that meat! A meat carver recently said it would take 15 to 20 pounds of flank steak and at least 10 hours to create. Don’t forget the T-bone for the headpiece too! And oh yeah…it’ll only cost you around $1000. Don’t be offended if the only company you have all evening is a pack of wild animals.