Top 10 Celebrities Who Should Take Over for Simon Cowell on Idol

May 21, 2010 By:
Top 10 Celebrities Who Should Take Over for Simon Cowell on Idol

With American Idol ending next week and Simon Cowell leaving after this season, the question on everyone’s minds is: Who is going to take over the infamous judge’s seat?

Simon’s made a name for himself as the stern--yet fair--judge on Idol, and finding his successor will likely be a much bigger challenge for show execs than replacing Paula Abdul. Here is Hollyscoop's list for the top ten people we wouldn't mind seeing fill Cowell's shoes.

10. P. Diddy: He's a rapper, music producer, fashion designer, and hip hop icon who knows a thing or two on scouting talent. Diddy was the one who discovered Mary J. Blige and the Notorious B.I.G. He also has his own show Making the Band, which is dedicated to finding the next big singing group. Diddy's artists have been wildly successful...well except for Aubrey O'Day.

9. Justin Bieber: Ok, it's purely selfish reasons why we want the Biebs on the show...but wouldn't it be so fun?! The entire world has come down with Bieber Fever and while he may be young, Justin would certainly bring in the ratings!

8. Paula Abdul: Just bring her back already! We miss Paula so much, and the show definitely hasn’t been the same without her. Ellen is great, but Paula's incoherent comments to the contestants were priceless. With Simon off the show, there should be plenty of money floating around to Pay Paula what she deserves.

7. Ryan Seacrest: Ryan has proved himself to be more than just a host with his morning radio show and production company. Even Simon Cowell himself nominated Ryan as the perfect candidate to fill his spot. Whatever Simon says who will take over Ryans hosting duties? Maybe the girls of Hollyscoop?

6. Mariah Carey: Mariah Carey is talented and reminds us a little of Paula. She'd probably fill her Coca-Cola cup up with pink champagne and butterflies, but it would be pure entertainment! Mariah Carey Pregnant

5. Donald Trump: The Donald is brutally honest and would definitely try and mimic Simon as far as comments go. It's no coincidence that the phrase “Your Fired” is synonymous with his name. If we were contestants, we'd be shaking in our boots!

4. Rosie O'Donnell: We can't mention Donald Trump without following it up with ROsie! One word...DRAMA! Rosie is an emotional roller coaster and with her on the show, viewers can expect rage, fights and tears! Bring it on Rosie!

3. Madonna: We know it's a stretch, but Madge is getting up there, and we'd like to see her settle down from her tour days, and do something like this. She's clearly qualified as the Queen of Pop and Queen Bitch! Nothing is good enough for Madonna hence why she should would be a fantastic judge.

2. Elton John: He's got many things in common with Simon. They are both British, have succssful careers in music, and they're both brutally honest. No one could forget when he accused Madonna of lip-synching, or when he ratted out lily Allen for drinking underneath the table. We're ready to see SEJ call out the contestants when they suck!

1. Howard Stern: If anyone can talk shit and not regret it, it's Howard. Stern has made a living out of being an ass hole, yet people still love him and live for his daily radio show! Howard is the ultimate replacement for Simon Cowell purely because we know he'll really bring it!