Tony Romo's 21-Year-Old Mystery Woman Revealed

May 15, 2008 By:
Tony Romo's 21-Year-Old Mystery Woman Revealed

Maybe the breakup of Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson did actually happen? Star Magazine has a picture of Tony with some blonde chick in Chicago.

The mystery girl’s name is Lindsey Betrus and she is a 21-year-old graduate of Michigan State University.

"Lindsey is a terrific, down-to-earth woman — and she's never been a Hooters Girl, as some people have mistakenly reported!" a said. "And as for her time with Tony, he was totally the aggressor that evening!"

Hollywood is so weird. Just last week Jessica was giving interviews saying that she’s in love and this week they’re not together. They literally broke up before we could even spell breakup. Back to the drawing board for Tony it is.

You can click HERE to see the pic of Tony and Lindsey.