Tony Romo Vs. Tom Brady, House Edition

August 27, 2008 By:
Tony Romo Vs. Tom Brady, House Edition

Ever wonder what the big difference is between Tony Romo and Tom Brady? They're both quarterbacks, they're both dating celebrities, so it looks about the same on paper, right? Wrong!

Well, besides the fact that most men would pick Gisele over Jessica any day, apparently Tom has a lot more cash than Tony.

The two ballers just purchased homes this month. Tony's is a 5000 square foot, 5 bedroom house on a golf course, worth $700,000. Sounds nice!

Now for Tom's. It's not even built yet, and it still cost him $11 million. Oh yeah, and it's in the prestigious Brentwood, California, home to hundreds of celebs, and right down the street from Schwarzenegger's pad. No contest.