Tony Romo Ready to Marry New Girlfriend

August 5, 2010 By:
Tony Romo Ready to Marry New Girlfriend

Tony Romo clearly didn't waste any time moving on from Jessica Simpson.

Not only did he start dating his beauty queen girlfriend Candice Crawford months after he broke up with Jessica, he may already be ready to tie the knot!

“I have my eye set on one girl right now…and she’s not a Hollywood girl. She’s a girl in Dallas. Her name is Candice,” the Dallas Cowboys quarterback told Hollywood Life while promoting his new virtual project, Cameo Stars, in LA.

When we asked the 30-year-old athlete whether a wedding ring or Super Bowl ring would come first he replied, “I don’t know. Maybe both!”

When asked about Jessica's new NFL boyfriend he said, “I’m happy for them,” adding, “I don’t know much about it, but all I can say is, best of luck. I’m not in that world anymore, I don’t know if I could comment more on that.”

Meanwhile Jess has been busy playing tonsil hockey with her new beau all over the globe. Her friends reportedly don't like him because they feel like he's using her for fame, but his friends are signing a different tune.

Poor Jess, she's been so unlucky in love, we'd love to see her finally settle with a good guy. Do you think Jess and her new man will last? Or is it just another summer fling?