Tony Romo Dating Chace Crawford's Sister

September 1, 2009 By:
Tony Romo Dating Chace Crawford's Sister

Tony Romo hasn’t taken long at all to get over Jessica Simpson! Ever since dumping poor old Jess the day before her 29th birthday, Tony has moved on to yet another new blonde.

According to a new report, Tony is now dating the current Miss Missouri, who goes by the name of Candice Crawford. And yep! Gossip Girl hottie Chace Crawford is her brother!

While this may seem like a random hookup, the stars seem to have been aligned for Tony and Candice. Not only are the two both Dallas natives, but Candace hosts the weekend Dallas Cowboys sports show Special Edition.

Tony and Chace are also friends, so we’re sure that helped with the initial introductions. Tony obviously has a type! Candice is cute and blonde, just like his last two girlfriends, Jessica Simpson and Carrie Underwood!