Tony Romo Collapses in Shower After Game

December 29, 2008 By:
Tony Romo Collapses in Shower After Game

Tony Romo collapsed last night after the Cowboys lost to the Eagles. It was a rough loss for Dallas, but it got even worse once Tony hit the locker room and reportedly collapsed in the shower.

He was helped up to his feet, and was able to walk out on his own. Tony says of the fall, "I was just a little banged up I guess."

Tony's been dealing with a rib injury, and after their devastating 44-6 loss last night, we're sure his spirits weren't at an all-time high. Tony brushed off his injury at first, and even went into a press conference. But reporters say he seemed really winded and and out of it, and needed help getting down from the podium.

CueJessica Simpson! She wants to be a mom so desperately, this is her chance to use her motherly instincts to nurse her man back to health! Because after last night, he definitely needs it.