6 Celebrity Sexting Scandals That Led to Divorce

November 22, 2010 By:
6 Celebrity Sexting Scandals That Led to Divorce

Sexting has totally become the new “I have to work late tonight.” It’s a simple, discreet way to talk to your secret lover without your partner finding out.

Only problem is, just like the lipstick on the collar, texts can be found pretty easily--especially if your keypad password is the same as your email, ATM, Facebook, Twitter, and anything else requiring one.

With the recent news of Tony Parker being dumb enough to send “hundreds” of texts to his ex-teammate Brent Barry’s wife Erin Barry in his phone, Hollyscoop is taking a look at six guys in the public eye who sexted their way right out of their relationships.

6. Chris Brown: Even I forgot how the whole Chris Brown-Rihanna beatdown began. But a little research reminded me that it text message from another woman may have started the whole thing. TMZ reported at the time that Brown's manager, a former lover of his, may have sent him a text message about 'hooking up later,' but to this day the message has never leaked. Status: Broken Up

5. Brett Favre: Even one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time makes mistakes sometimes. Last month, disturbing texts and pics of his junk to Jets sideline reporter Jenn Sterger leaked online. He still hasn’t addressed the scandal, opting to only talk about football. Meanwhile, we’re hearing whispers his wife Deanna is gunning for a divorce. I’m thinking she’ll wait til Brett finishes out the (hopefully his last) season. Status: On the brink of divorce

4. Ashley Cole: Any man stupid enough to cheat on Cheryl Cole deserves what’s coming to him. Ashley Cole is rumored to have had a sexting affair with model Sonia Wild, and the two sent multiple nude pics of one another. This came just two years after Ashley had an affair with a hairdresser, along with numerous other women. Status: Divorced

3. Jesse James: He made the mistake of a lifetime when he started fooling around with trashy tatted up Michelle “Bombshell” McGee. The two met after James contacted her to be a model for West Coast Choppers. Being the classy woman she is, McGee sold the transcripts of the sexts to In Touch. Status: Divorced

2. Tiger Woods: He definitely took advantage of his fave 5. Tiger’s texts to one of his dozens of mistresses Joslyn James was just the icing on the cake. She posted all of Woods’ sexts on a website she acquired textingjoslynjames.com. The text messages reference choking, golden showers, and refer to James as 'my f--king wh--e'. Status: Divorced

1. Tony Parker: Eva Longoria apparently found hundreds of text messages between her husband and Erin Barry—the wife of Brent Barry, a former San Antonio Spurs player. Eva and Tony were friends with the Barry’s, and there are even photos that have leaked with the four posing together. He allegedly cheated on Eva before with French model Alexandra Paressant, but denied it. Status: Filed for divorce.