Toni Braxton Suing Her Insurance Company

April 29, 2009 By:
Toni Braxton Suing Her Insurance Company

Toni Braxton is suing her own insurance company Lloyd’s of London.

As you may recall, Toni was forced to cancel her 2006 Las Vegas concert at the Flamingo because of heart problems. She had to be hospitalized for chest pains, and the show was cancelled.

At the time promoters said it was so Toni could focus on her health, but she swears she covered herself in case of an emergency!

Lloyd’s refuses to cover her losses on her Vegas show, but Braxton claims she bought “non appearance” and “cancellation” insurance, which protects entertainers in case they have to pull out of their concert.

Lloyd’s refuses to pay up on the grounds that her injuries were said to be an undisclosed, pre-existing condition. Toni insists she was open about her heart disease, and is seeking an undisclosed payment.

Girlfriend must need money bad! We can’t imagine why she’d be so adamant about going after money from one little concert back in 2006! Maybe the tough times have finally hit Toni and she’s trying to make money any way she can!