Tommy Lee Shows Private Pamela Pics To Pals

July 16, 2008 By:
Tommy Lee Shows Private Pamela Pics To Pals

We've all heard the term trophy wife, but Tommy Lee takes it to the next level with Pam.

They're back together for the 20th time, and Tommy has a special way of showing off his on-again girl. He shows naughty pictures of her to his friends!

A friend of Tommy's tells the Daily Express, "Tommy is as proud to be Pam's man as he was when they first got together. Pam is 41 but she still looks every inch the Playboy bunny she was and Tommy has the proof. If you're really nice to him he'll even show you!"

That's kind of gross! Would you want your boyfriend showing pics of you to his friends? But then again, if you're Pam Anderson, everyone's already seen everything anyway.