TomKat's Second Wedding

December 11, 2006 By:
TomKat's Second Wedding

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes had their star studded post wedding bash this past Saturday night at the Los Angeles home of Cruise's producing partner, Paula Wagner. We hear the party cost them around $400,000.

Guests at the party included Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Brooke
Shields, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. Also in attendance were Steven
Spielberg, Jerry Bruckheimer, Orlando Bloom, Dakota Fanning and
Penelope Cruz (Tom’s Ex-Girlfriend).

One guest said, "Tom seemed really proud, parading Katie around
his guests."
When asked if there was any tensions between the
ex-girlfriends the guest replied, "There was so much love in the air
that it seemed like a family reunion." Shortly after rainbows, the care bears, and unicorns showed up at the party.