TomKat Wedding Details Unveiled

November 18, 2006 By:
TomKat Wedding Details Unveiled

What will happen tomorrow as guests get ready to attend the biggest wedding of the year? Well here is the scoop; all the stars and guests will take a special shuttle to the castle where the ceremony will take place after sunset. Although Tom Cruise tried to enforce a "No Fly Zone” in the little town, this rule did not pass and helicopters will be able to fly across the castle.

We hear Tom is really happy and relaxed and hence the15 pounds extra pounds. He has been stuffing his face with pasta every single night and is just enjoying his time in Italy, while thousands of people are flocking everyday to get a glimpse of the Hollywood star.

Tom seems to be enjoying all the frenzy caused from the wedding. Tom was not always so public with his private life. Last night when he and Katie headed out to Nina restaurant in Rome, the couple came out of the limo and walked to the joint. While in the past, Tom would always sneak into restaurants to not be seen by the public.

Although the pair are having a public wedding, it is said that they are looking into a private honeymoon. They have been looking into private islands where it will be warm, since their wedding in Rome will be cold.

Rumors of John Travolta flying in guests on his private jet are untrue. Although 100 guests were flown in from Burbank’s airport, there was no John in sight. We hear that guests themselves are in shock over the frenzy surrounding this marriage.

What about Katie? Well the latest news is that that Jessica Simpson's main gay Ken Paves has flown to Rome to style her hair for the big day. Stay tuned today and this weekend as we bring you up to date information about the wedding.