TomKat To Wed In Haunted Mansion

November 16, 2006 By:
TomKat To Wed In Haunted Mansion

As if the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes relationship wasn't weird enough, according to the UK Sun the Italian castle where the couple are expected to tie the knot is reportedly haunted.

The Odescalchi Castle was built on the picturesque shores of Lake Bracciano in the second half of the 15th century for the aristocratic Orsini family. Legend has it that Paolo Giordano I Orsini's much younger wife, Isabella De Medici, would let her lovers into her chambers through a secret door.

Those that did not satisfy her were flung out of a separate door down a spiked well. When the ruthless and violent Paolo, who became known as the Duke of Bracciano discovered his wife was cheating on her he plotted to murder her while on a vacation at the family's home in Florence. During dinner one night the duke leaned in to kiss his wife and killed her. Local folklore states that in vengeance of her murder Isabella haunts the chambers of the castle where she lived, where Tom and Katie are set to say their 'I Dos'. I don’t know which is spookier, the haunted house or the truth about Tomkats relationship.

Meanwhile check out the latest pictures of Tomkat leaving their hotel in Rome and causing a ruckus with the paparazzi and hundreds of fans lined outside of their hotel.