TomKat Sleep In Different Wings

August 22, 2007 By:
TomKat Sleep In Different Wings

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes sleep in separate bedrooms according to reports.

“It’s a situation that works for both of them,” a friend tells Star Magazine. “Of course they spend time together alone at night like most married couples; after all, they conceived Suri! In fact, they even joke about having separate bedrooms to their friends – Katie says Tom snores, and this way she can get her beauty sleep!”

The couple apparently doesn’t think there is anything wrong with sleeping in different beds.

“At first, it was because Katie was Catholic and single, and they were only dating. It was the proper thing to do,” says the same friend. “Now that they are married, they don’t feel the need to alter the arrangement. Tom has his master bedroom, and Katie has hers.”

Why does this surprise anyone? Did you guys actually think they slept in the same bed together?