TomKat In Rome!

November 13, 2006 By:
TomKat In Rome!

We were the first ones to break the news about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes taking off from LA last night and heading over to Rome, where they'll be taking care of preparations for their upcoming nuptials.

TomKat actually landed in Rome this morning and the paparazzi were ready on standby to make sure no move went unphotographed!

So here's what we'd dug up so far about the Tomkat Italian Fairytale wedding. It will take place in an 15th century Italian castle and Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli will serenade the couple. Brooke Shields was even invited!

The blind tenor has confirmed to the Italian press that he has been invited to the star studded extravanganza. Italian designer Giorgio Armani will design Katie's wedding dress as well as a set of outfits for her and Tom to wear during the three-day celebrations beginning on November 17.

We do know that Tom Cruise has agreed to a compromise to appease Katie's Catholic parents and there will be both a Scientology and Catholic ceremony. Katie is rumored to wear Clive Christian No. 1 perfume, which costs $2,350 an ounce, during the extravagant nuptials.

The wedding is such a hot ticket in town that even Italian socialites are willing to work the wedding to attend. A source said: "Several of the aristocratic female friends of Princess Odescalchi, the owner of the castle location, apparently went to her and asked to work for free as hostesses at the wedding." The princess' response to her friends was, 'No thank you. I don't even know if I'm going to be invited myself.'"

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