Tom Lets Katie Go Back to Work

March 7, 2007 By:
Tom Lets Katie Go Back to Work

Katie Holmes is going back to work! She starts shooting "Mad Money" in Shreveport, La. The comedy that also stars Diane Keaton and Queen Latifah is about three women who plan to steal millions from the Federal Reserve .

An insider has said that , "Tom has called producers and told them
he will be on set every day.
He wants to observe what's going on and will probably help Katie out."

One of the movie's producers, told the NY Post, "I don't know if
that's the case, so I can't confirm. We are happy to have both Katie
and Tom on set."

It's no secret that Tom keeps Katie on a tight leash, so I wouldn't be surprised if he actually does show up on set everyday to help her 'become a better actress'.