Tom Cruise To Reunite With Nicole Kidman?

July 29, 2007 By:
Tom Cruise To Reunite With Nicole Kidman?

Its been six years since their public divorce but it seems like Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman are getting back together, well not quite. The two will be shooting two separate films in the same location, Berlin.

Nicole has signed on to film “The Reader” which will begin filming in September and Tom has already begun work on “Valkyrie”. The two stars will be using the same studio Bablesburg and we are pretty sure they will be bumping into each other in the 6 week duration.

Insiders close to Tom and Nicole predict that there will be a family reunion in Berlin since the two share two children together.

Tom has already been making his rounds in Berlin with his new wife Katie Holmes and daughter Suri. Does this mean Tom, Nicole and Katie will all reunite with their kids? One insider reveals, “it would be fun to see them all together.”

Imagine what a great family portrait that would be, not to mention a money making shot! Can you say “cha-ching”?