Tom Cruise Named In Scientology Suit

July 31, 2008 By:
Tom Cruise Named In Scientology Suit

The Church of Scientology is being sued for $250 million, and guess whose name happens to be involved? Tom Cruise!

Former Scientologist Peter Letterese obviously snapped out of it one day and decided to quit the "religion."

Then he claims Scientology leaders viciously stalked him, including Tom! Letterese claims the harassment was "aided and abetted by the actions of Tom Cruise….He has assisted the syndicate in acquiring funds and his own donations of money believed to be in the multiple tens of millions of dollars."

Letterese now is calling on the feds to investigate Scientology under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Law, which is usually used when trying to convict Mafia members.

This is some juicy stuff!