Tom Cruise Doesn't Have a Phone

November 8, 2007 By:
Tom Cruise Doesn't Have a Phone

Actor/former couch jumper Tom Cruise claims that he does not own any gadgets, jewelry, or cell phones and he only cares about spending time with his wife and daughter.

The actor reportedly told the Daily Star: "I have no iPhone, no mobile, no email address, no watch, no jewelry, no wallet. I simply want to be with my children and make movies.

"My values for children never change: love, responsibility, curiosity at the wonder of life."

Cruise also said that his best moments are "waking up and seeing Katie and Suri and giving them a hug".

What happened to the kids he shared with Nicole Kidman? The last I remember seeing them was in the Vanity Fair spread he did when Suri was born. Has he forgotten about his other kids? God knows they're never with Nicole.