Tom Cruise Attacks NYC

April 6, 2007 By:
Tom Cruise Attacks NYC

Superhero Tom Cruise wants to save New York City. The Scientology superstar wants to spread the love of his religion's controversial "detox" project to 9/11 workers.

The actor will host a mega-fund-raising gala for this cause to help firefighters, cops and other rescue workers exposed to high levels of toxins at Ground Zero.

Although Tom believes this can be their savior others thinks its all a bunch of "bullshit". The program hasn’t been endorsed by the Fire or Police departments and other experts questioned the program's effectiveness and warned it posed serious potential hazards. "This is just hocus-pocus," Dr. Bob Hoffman of the New York City Poison Control Center told "The New York Post" in 2004. "For some people, sitting in a hot environment can be very dangerous."

Others believe the "hoola boola" can actually work by releasing fatty acids into the bloodstream, ingesting cold-pressed oil and sweating off "toxins" in a sauna set at 140 to 180 degrees for 21/2 to five hours a day, with frequent showers. Experts question studies produced by advocates that claim the program works. Among the results claimed in one study were higher IQs. Whatever the case is the prophet of Scientology is persistent to save NYC and than save the world!