Tom Cruise and Sean Penn Stalked Celebs

November 2, 2007 By:
Tom Cruise and Sean Penn Stalked Celebs

Before Tom Cruise and his buddy Sean Penn were household names, they used to stalk the homes of their favorite celebs.

Cruise spent his very first night in Tinsel town cruising around the Hollywood Hills with a 'star map' in his hand tracking down the houses of Dustin Hoffman, Jack Nicholson, and Marlon Brando.

Penn picked up Cruise from the airport in 1980 and they spent his night tracking down his favorite celebs. Cruise recalls, "I remember we drove out to Hoffman's house, Nicholson's house and outside Brando's house all in one night. We kinda just sat there.

"It was dark because it was late at night, so we were sitting there in front of the house, going, 'Man, do you think he's in there? I'm gonna knock on the door.' We had that conversation."

If your a Hollywood native you're well aware that about 80% of those star maps are completely outdated so don't bother spending your money on them. I hear the celeb home tours are actually pretty informative...or you can just slip a paparazzi a $20 and he'll gladly confess every address he knows. Just a thought!