Tom and Katie Expecting Visit From Stork?

June 19, 2007 By:
Tom and Katie Expecting Visit From Stork?

Note: This is Katie Holmes pregnancy rumor # 3944830. There are reports that Katie Holmes is pregnant just because she was wearing a loose Chanel dress in Spain earlier this week.

Her stomach is reportedly much rounder which has gotten the British tabs thinking she is preggers.

Get this, they even found a source to give a quote: “Katie and Tom are thrilled about having another baby on the way. She is glowing with happiness.”

Even if she is pregnant it won’t be much of a surprise considering the fact that Katie has admitted that she really wants to have more children in the near future. I wanna see Katie get pregnant again just to see if she will have that really big belly she was sporting when she was pregnant with Suri. Remember that thing?