The Scoop On Tomkat, Baby Cruise From Vanity Fair

September 6, 2006 By:
The Scoop On Tomkat, Baby Cruise From Vanity Fair

If you can’t wait to get the latest issue of Vanity Fair, well here is a spoiler for you.

"eats away at me because it's just not okay. ... Some of the crap that's out there – the stuff that's said about my parents and my siblings (implying that they didn't approve of her relationship with Cruise, 44) – it's really frustrating the amount of s– that's out there. And the stuff they say about Suri? You shouldn't say that about us, and you can't say that about my child."
Holmes tells the magazine in regards to the gossip about her and fiancé Tom Cruise's "alien" child.

"this is my future. This is my family, and I care so much about them. To see how someone as caring and good as Tom is – to see how things can just get so twisted and turned around. I mean, where does it come from?"
Why Katie Holmes keeps up with the rumors.

”was overjoyed in being pregnant, and then had to withstand ridicule about my pregnancy when it was the most normal, non-controversial thing imaginable."
In Regards to being pregnant.

"We were just living our lives, being a family," Cruise says. "Actually, we were taking our own photos and always planned to release those at the right time."
Katie Holmes responds to why the pictures were kept so long.

"then all the craziness began. This 'Where is Suri?' controversy. Tom and I looked at each other and said, 'What's going on?' We weren't trying to hide anything."
Katie responds to rumors about why they are hiding their Asian child.

"The moment the doctor handed me Suri, I was just ready. The feeling is indescribable. All I can say is the moment I looked in her eyes I felt like ... Mom.” "She's a glorious girl. She's the miracle of our life."
Katie Holmes

Meanwhile, only a day before the Vanity Fair issue was released to the public, Katie was spotted having lunch with her mom and future mother-in-law at the “very low key” Ivy. I am sure these pictures are not apart of a scheme by the Cruise camp. It’s just coincidence that Katie was spotted at the papparazi infested eatery with her “family”. Talk about damage control! What do you guys think, was this set up or what?

With all the shitt-talking aside, the baby is adorable!

Katie Holmes images courtesy of Splash News.