The Cruise's Moving to NYC

June 4, 2008 By:
The Cruise's Moving to NYC

They spent over a year renovating their $35 million dollar Beverly Hills mansion, but Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are packing their bags and moving to the Big Apple.

As Katie prepares to make her Broadway debut this fall, "[Katie] and Tom are committed to keeping the family together, so they have to get an apartment here [in New York]," All My Sons producer Eric Falkenstein tells the New York Post.

He kept blabbing about how Katie is "a natural sweetheart who can sniff out phonies," and that she's perfect for the part of Ann.

Katie will hit the stage six times a week for 16 weeks. Instead of renting out a posh room at a hotel, the Cruise's probably coughed up a few million dollars for a swanky apartment. Ah to be rich and famous!