Should Suri Be Ditching The Baba?

May 7, 2008 By:
Should Suri Be Ditching The Baba?

Doctors are giving advice to pint size Suri: Get a sippy cup! The two-year old cutie is the topic of conversations among doctors who spend their free time talking to tabloids about the way celebrities should or should not raise their kids.

Dr. Charlotte Cowan, who apparently is famous for writing a book about a hippo, made sure to tell Us Weekly that, "Most pediatricians recommend a bottle should be given up by age 1 — almost certainly by 18 months."

She goes on to comment on how travel plays a part in Suri's eating habits. "When babies are challenged, their diet is upset, their sleep is upset," Cowan says. "They will regress back to previous habits … lingering with a bottle is comforting. You could argue that her parents have decided that this is not the time to try to wean her off if they're traveling frequently."

Please, Cowen. It's not like they're hauling her around in coach every day.
Suri rides in a private jet that probably has a custom built carseat in it.
It's doubtful she even notices she's a world traveler at the age of two.
It's not like the bottle is going to make a difference in Suri's life.
Scientology, on the other hand…