Meet The New Katee Holmes

May 25, 2007 By:
Meet The New Katee Holmes

Earlier in the week there were reports
that Katie Holmes is threatening to take a young actress to court after she changed her name to Katee Holmes and has vowed to lose her virginity in a porn movie. Well, it wasn’t long before pictures of this “young actress” emerged.

Below are some details of what we can expect from the upcoming film.

It will be called True Diary: I’m a Virgin. “I think this movie will appeal to a diverse crowd. Fans will get to experience Katee’s sexual journey with her. The “human interest” aspect of True Diary: I’m a Virgin will be unlike anything our industry or consumer base has every experienced.” Said Megan Stokes, VP of Sales for Shane’s World Studios. “I am very excited to see where this goes!”

Katee Holmes story has been circulating many mainstream media outlets including People, TMZ, New York Post and many more.