Leave TomKat Alone!

May 3, 2007 By:
Leave TomKat Alone!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have
been the talk of the town ever since they started
dating. After they got married there have been dozens
and dozens of reports claiming that there is trouble
in paradise. Just yesterday, Life & Style was
reporting that Katie was flirting up a storm with her
co-star on the set of her new film.

All these talks are rumors according to close friends
of the Cruise’s.
"We're shocked when we read that stuff," says Yahoo
CEO Terry Semel. "Kate is bright and has
opinions...She's hardly a shrinking violet."

"I think everybody has this image: Poor little Kate,
she doesn't have the strength to take care of
herself," says Pinkett Smith. "People don't know that
behind all that grace is a tiger. ... People think Tom
and the Church of Scientology got something on Kate?
They don't. Kate is running her own show."

A favorite pastime is family movie night: "Tom and
Katie will get in the kitchen and make this amazing
popcorn with chocolate," Dayton says. "Suri is there
playing. Kate feeds her a bottle and then Tom feeds

Close friend Leah Remini agrees: "I really don't get
it. They're married, they love each other and have a
beautiful baby. They do 'weird' things like take care
of their kid and go to baseball games."