Katie to Posh: 'Beckamize' My Man

August 6, 2007 By:
Katie to Posh: 'Beckamize' My Man

Okay here's your daily laugh of the day, apparently Katie Holms wants Tom Cruise to 'Beckham-up his look.'

A Cruise friend tells Life & Style Weekly, "Katie thinks Tom is the most handsome man she's ever met, but she wishes he'd dress a little younger and hipper."

According to Life & Style, who has a long record of inaccurate Cruise news, Katie even asked pal Victoria Beckham to help her 'Beckhamize' Tom. "Posh has the ultimate fashion sense, she's agreed to help Katie transform Tom."

Isn't this hilarious? I don't know which one is worse, Tom and Katie wanting to pose for 'sexy Beckham style' pictures, or trying to morph into them.