Katie Talks Tom Tom Tom

February 25, 2008 By:
Katie Talks Tom Tom Tom

Oh oh...someone needs to be reprogrammed! Katie Holmes is starting to sound like a broken record lately. In an interview with the UK's Daily Mail, Katie basically talks about Tom, Suri, Tom & Suri, and then Tom again. Here are some highlights from the interview...

Katie on what happens when she loses her temper:
“I threw a lot of tantrums when I was little and secretly I’d like to throw a tantrum sometimes. That would be empowering, but I have a little girl who likes to do that, too.”

Katie on the weirdest experience she’s ever had with a fan:
“As you can imagine, there have been many being married to Tom. I was in Boston for my little nephew’s baptism and this girl interrupted the ceremony to ask for my autograph. I thought: ‘Great, here I am in church and in trouble again! The priest is going to be mad at me.’ That was weird.”

Katie on her idea of heaven:
“Falling in love with Tom and our daughter. I’m such a lucky woman. Sometimes I feel like I’m dreaming.”

Katie on what her dreams were as a child:
“To marry Tom Cruise!” (Laughs)

Katie on how she met Tom:
“We just went on this great date together, and it’s been wonderful ever since. He’s the most amazing man in the world. I’m so happy. I love him. I feel like he’s made my life.”

Katie on how she would describe Tom:
“He’s just amazing. He’s kind, generous, smart, he’s Tom Cruise - he’s the most artistic man I’ve ever met. He makes me laugh like I’ve never laughed. He’s made me feel joy like I never have before. There are so many things. He’s the most wonderful human being I know.”

Katie on who she would like to be stuck in an elevator with:
“Tom and Suri.”

Katie on whether she wants more kids:
“Yes, we would, but not just yet.”

Katie on whether she would rather be rich and famous or poor and anonymous:
“I don’t think anyone really believes they are going to grow up and become rich and famous. I certainly didn’t. It’s never been about fame or wealth for me. I’ve always been a hard worker. I had my own grass-cutting service when I was you. I convinced my mum to drag me and the lawnmower around and cut her friends’ lawns. I don’t think I’d ever be poor because of the strong worth ethic my parents instilled in me.”