Katie Holmes A Diva?

January 10, 2007 By:
Katie Holmes A Diva?

Has Katie Holmes already turned into a diva? Holmes reportedly
did $200k in damages at Barney’s New York in 2006. If you guys remember
most of her pics from last year were of her either entering or leaving Barney's.
Retail therapy is one of the perks she gets in her very lonely marriage.

The so called diva has even asked the store to stay open for her after hours, an insider
told Us weekly.“She walks around with a personal shopper and points
at what she wants,”
the source says. “She orders different colors and a
few of each. She’s their favorite customer!”

Both Barney’s and Holmes’ camp deny that she’s forced the store to stay open late just for her shopping enjoying. I just can’t imagine Katie Holmes being a diva. I used to watch
her in Dawson’s Creek and she just gives off the sweet girl vibe.